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Selling menthol cigarettes was banned in the European Union in 2020, which suddenly left millions of customers without their favourite products. Our company used this opportunity to develop menthol cigarette flavourings which would allow customers to add menthol flavour to any original flavourless cigarettes. Our inspiration were liquid tobacco flavourings. Unfortunately, because of their high water contents, these liquid flavourings cannot be used for flavouring cigarettes and are thus only suitable for pipe smokers or those who make their own cigarettes. That is why we developed an entirely unique flavouring blend which not only doesn’t moisten cigarettes, but also gives them the menthol aroma in practically the same way as the process used by tobacco companies in the past. Thanks to our product, customers can now simply make the menthol cigarettes they were used to in the past.

T&P Co. | Original Cigarette Flavourings


Our company currently makes only menthol cigarette flavourings. We approach their production just like food production; we use only the highest-quality ingredients used in the food industry and we follow strict hygienical rules in order to guarantee high quality of our products.

Our future goal is to develop other popular cigarette flavourings as well, so that we can really satisfy all customers who find the natural flavour of cigarettes unsatisfactory.


To correctly understand our menthol flavourings, it is necessary to know how tobacco companies actually make menthol cigarettes. Each company may use a somewhat different approach, but probably the most commonly used way of making them is to apply menthol on the paper wrapper which is then used to wrap normal flavourless cigarettes. Before such cigarette packs get to customers, all the cigarettes inside become menthols. This method is very economical, because, compared to production of normal cigarettes, it requires only one extra step to produce menthol cigarettes.

Our product uses the same approach to cigarette flavouring. A customer buys a pack of his/her favourite cigarettes, takes the cigarettes out of the box, applies our menthol flavouring on the inside of the box, places the cigarettes back and waits.

T&P Co. | Original Cigarette Flavourings


Spray for flavouring up to 720 regular cigarettes with natural menthol.

EAN:  0745760333233

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE:  Warm in hands and shake before use. Protect your eyes during application. Take cigarettes without flavouring out of their original box and apply 3-6 doses evenly on the inner area of the box. Let it dry for one minute and then put the cigarettes back. Close the box properly and wait 6-24 hours. In case it is not possible to close the box properly, put it into a plastic bag. Experiment with the number of doses and duration to accomplish the flavouring you want.